BinaryX and AiGC labs to launch first-ever AI-powered virtual reality game on metaverse

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BinaryX announced their plans to expand into Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) on Tuesday, June 13. Building upon their GameFi expertise, BinaryX has reportedly entered into agreements with their VR and AIGC partners, AiGC Labs, to develop a groundbreaking new GameFi genre of AI-based VR games.

According to the team, BinaryX is preparing for the launch of the first ever VR game which heavily features both VR and AIGC in collaboration with AiGC Labs. The team has not released the full details of the game yet, but has hinted that the game will be set in a character-rich universe inspired by heroes and characters from East Asian folklore.

This comes just after Apple’s official reveal of their VR headset, Apple Vision Pro, during the Worldwide Developers Conference event on June 5.

The team revealed that they have been experimenting with ChatGPT to generate engaging gameplay, and characters and build compelling narratives for their games. The AI models helped the team to explore and refine ideas for world building as well, including ideas for environmental layout, challenges, and level design. Beside the AI-powered VR game, BinaryX has also been working on a separate AI-powered game that will be released sometime this year.

“We are incredibly excited to unveil our latest venture into VR and AIGC technologies,” said Rudy, Head of Growth at BinaryX. “This is a significant milestone for our companies as we continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the Web3 gaming industry. Together with our partners, our team has poured talent and dedication into creating a game that will redefine the gaming experience and captivate players like never before. We’re excited to reveal the game to our players soon.”

The game is currently still under development, and more details about the release will be shared on their social media.