Buffalo police apprehend three people from casino on charges of felony

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Three people have been charged with felony gaming fraud following an incident at Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino. The incident took place in August when two guys won a substantial amount of cash at a blackjack table in Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino.

The authorities at the casino drew suspicions when the two players spent nearly 2½ hours at the table, with one of them walking away with $5,300 and the other bagging more than $2,200. The surveillance records ratified the authorities’ suspension as the dealer present at the table on the night was allegedly revealing the cards to the players, which they aren’t supposed to see.

Emily M. Torres, the dealer in question from Lackawanna, was arrested by the police the following day when she reported working at the downtown casino on the 16th of August. One of the players at the table on that eventful night, Mark M. Watson of Buffalo, who won more than five grand in the early morning hours of 15th August, was also apprehended at the casino on the same day as the dealer.

Rahat Hossain, the last member of the group, was reportedly nabbed by the police on the 21st of August, and all three accused were charged with first-degree gaming fraud, a class E felony. Notably, the state of New York hasn’t seen many first-degree gaming frauds in the years gone by and has reported just three felonies and one misdemeanor, according to the data.

Generally, a lesser charge of second-degree gaming fraud, a misdemeanor, is levied on the perpetrators in the state, but since the amount of theft exceeds $1,000, the charges rise to a felony under state law. Rahat Hossain has pleaded not guilty against his charges in Buffalo City Court on Tuesday, while the other two accused are scheduled to be in court on the 8th of September.

According to the prosecutors, the two perpetrators, Watson and Hossain, “made full restitution” by paying $5,287.50 and $2,210 at the time of their arrest, as mentioned in the police reports.