‘Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 10: Shadows Return’ launched

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Call of Duty Season 10: Shadows Return is here and it brings a lot of new stuff to the game, including Templar-Unredeemed as part of the new themed event “Search for Stansfield” launching this season. Season 10 dropped on Wednesday, 4 PM PT/5:30 AM Indian Standard Time.

As is the case with each new season, players have the opportunity to earn 50 new tiers of Battle Pass rewards. Templar-Unredeemed and Stansfield are two of the new characters being introduced to Call of Duty Mobile this season, and “Search for Stansfield” event involves players looking for the missing agent on the game’s newest multiplayer map – Vacant. Along with the new characters, Season 10 brings two new weapons into the fold – the CBR4 SMG and the SVD semi-automatic sniper rifle.

What’s new in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10: Shadows Return?

New Map – Vacant

First introduced in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the map is set in an abandoned office building in Pripyat, Ukraine. The office space indoors makes for a rather claustrophobic experience that can be extremely hard to get control of as the action comes at the player hard and fast.

The many blind spots in each room make the map quite challenging indoors, but the outdoors provide enough respite for players to gain their bearings and get back into the fight.

Vacant is one of COD’s most iconic maps and has stuck around for multiple games, including COD Mobile too now. The map is a mid-size affair and provides enough variety in terms of pacing to keep things interesting.

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New Themed Event – Search for Standfield

Players will join forces to help Templar-Unredeemed to search for Stanfield by unlocking nodes and earning EX and themed rewards along the way. The event will take place on the newest map – Vacant.

New Weapons and MP Mode – Control

The CBR4 SMG looks quite a bit like an updated take on the P90, and offers a high rate of fire as well as decent recoil control. The SVD semi-automatic sniper rifle substitutes stopping before a higher rate of fire and provides a decent offering to players who like their Sniper Rifles fast.

The new MP Mode-Control emphasizes teamwork, as each team takes turns attacking and defending capture points but with limited respawns, like a mixture of Domination and Search & Destroy.