Police achieve another breakthrough in Mahadev Book betting ring; one arrested

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Chhattisgarh police achieve another breakthrough in a significant arrest by Durg police on the Mahadev Book illegal betting app. The police arrested a person named Vikas Jaiswal, who was allegedly managing several transactions from bank accounts for an illegal betting network.

According to the police, Jaiswal used to create a bank account by luring in people with hefty returns and kept the bank passbook and ATM card with him to misuse them for Mahadev ID in online gambling transactions.

The police raided his hiding spot in Durg and Bhilai and also seized two original Aadhaar cards and one photocopy along with arrest him, according to bhilaitimes.

Previously, a complaint was filed by Prashant Kumar against Vikas Kumar, a D.D. Foods work as a salesman in Nagpura. The region was continually inspected in accordance with the directives of Police Inspector City Sanjay Dhruv and City Superintendent of Police Nikhil Rakhecha.

In November 2022, Vikas Kumar informed the applicant that his money was misplaced and requested a bank account check since he urgently required the money. The applicant Prashant Kumar, handed Vikas Kumar the account paycheque for his Axis Bank branch in Supela.

After a few days, he told Prashant that the check was not working and asked Aadhaar card, PAN card, and photo. Prashant readily sent the required documents to Vikas through WhatsApp. Vikas then used the documents to link Prashant’s account to the Mahadev app and conduct illegal transactions.

After the arrest, statements of the applicant and witnesses were taken. After interrogation, Vikas revealed that he and his other accomplices used this method to acquire bank accounts to transact money in the Mahadev Book illegal betting app.