Police get further leads into financial transactions involved in illegal betting app Mahadev Book, more action expected against players & agents

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In another successful action against the infamous Mahadev Book illegal betting app, Raipur police has struck another breakthrough following the recent arrest of 14 individuals earlier in June. The city police reported to have collected further crucial information in the matter.

As per the gained information, the group of arrested individuals had also done transactions of over Rs 30 crore from 17 bank accounts. All of these accounts were made using IDs of poor people and students who were given 2-3 thousand rupees in compensation each month.

According to IBC24, these accounts were then used to store money from Mahadev Book users and then moved out of the country using various laundering methods. Out of 30 crore in the said 17 accounts, one account contained over half of the money. The police are currently investigating these accounts.

According to the police, Prasun Dwivedi, Yuvraj Sahu, Kaushal Sahu and other bookies were doing regular transaction worth crores on a regular basis without informing the owners. Regarding the fake numbers, telecom operators has been informed to deactivate them.

During the previous arrest, the police successfully blocked bank accounts containing over Rs 2 crore. Furthermore, the police also seized 13 ATM cards, two mobile phones and some cash from their possession.

Looking at the arrest and current revelation, it is clear that the illegal betting business of Mahadev Book being operated by mastermind Saurabh Chandrakar is much larger than people think. The network is spread across the country but seems to be most active in the state of Chhattisgarh.

The Chhattisgarh Gambling (Prohibition) Bill, 2023 has also received approval from the Governor under which, online gambling will be restricted in the state. Skill games like online rummy, poker, and fantasy sports are exempt from the penal provisions of the new law.