Chhattisgarh tourist alleges Rs.10 Lakh casino scam in Panaji; accused files counter-complaint of assault

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A tourist from Chhattisgarh lodged a police complaint against a person for a suspected scam involving ₹10 lakh at an offshore casino in Panaji. The accused, posing as a deputy collector from Ahmedabad and hailing from an affluent family, reportedly tricked the tourist into lending him gaming chips, promising to repay if he lost the game. However, the accused neither returned the chips nor fulfilled his commitment.

Navhind Times revealed that the complainant, Akash Jambai, detailed the incident to Panaji police, leading to the registration of a cheating case against the alleged scammer, Gopal Patel, a native of Gujarat. Jambai asserts that Patel impersonated a high-ranking government official and convinced him to provide gaming chips worth ₹10 lakh for a casino game. Despite losing the chips during play, Patel failed to reimburse the promised amount, prompting Jambai to report the incident to the police.

On the night of January 27, Patel pretended authority and said he belonged to an elite family. He manipulated Jambai into entrusting him with a substantial sum in gaming chips. The accused assured Jambai that if he incurred losses during the game, he would return the equivalent amount in cash. However, when the chips were lost during the gaming session, Patel defaulted on his commitment, leaving Jambai conned and disgruntled.

In a twist to the tale, Gopal Patel retaliated by filing a counter-complaint, alleging that he was physically assaulted by Jambai and five unidentified accomplices on the morning of January 28. Both complaints led to the registration of FIRs. Panaji police are now actively investigating both angles of the incident.

The investigation seeks to untangle the intricacies of the case, shedding light on the alleged scam and the following physical violence between the parties involved. As the legal proceedings unfold, authorities are determined to bring clarity to the deceit that took place in the Panaji casino.