Goa police expose Rs 1.7 lakh casino fraud by employee

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The Goa police took decisive action on Monday against an employee of an offshore casino, Deepak Das. The charges levied against him allege that he orchestrated a scheme to defraud the casino to the tune of Rs 1.7 lakh. The complaint was lodged by Amit Garg, a representative of Golden Globe Hotels Pvt Ltd, the managing entity behind the renowned Big Daddy Casino located in Panaji.

According to The Times of India, the details provided by Garg, the accused, Das, who is from Maharashtra and serves as an employee of the casino, stands accused of fabricating a gaming report. The report in question pertained to a guest named Asim. Shockingly, the falsified document suggested that Asim had engaged in a significant gaming session, warranting a substantial bonus payout amounting to Rs 1.7 lakh. However, upon closer scrutiny, it was revealed that Asim had only played a relatively modest sum of Rs 27,000.

The method employed by Das exploited a specific policy within the casino’s operational framework, a policy that rewards players with a whopping 5,000% bonus for every one lakh played. Consequently, the casino, in adherence to its policies, disbursed the substantial bonus amount to Asim based on the fraudulent report prepared by Das.

As a result, the company ended up paying Rs 1.7 lakh to Asim, a sum that he was not legitimately entitled to receive. Furthermore, Garg shed light on the dishonestly acquired funds being shared between Das and Asim, thereby compounding the financial loss incurred by the casino to the tune of Rs 1.7 lakh.

The investigation into this alleged gaming scandal is currently in progress, with Police Sub-Inspector S. Pokhare led the efforts to uncover the truth behind this web of deception.