COD Modern Warfare 2: New leaks suggest return of Grand Prix map

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Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 2 (2022) has entered its beta phase in multiplayer for those who pre-purchased the game earlier and have a lot of content to go around playing even if it’s a beta. One of the most famous maps “Grand Prix” is supposedly making a return to the game after a data miner revealed still images of it.

Apparently, it was supposed to be released as a playable map during the beta itself as the stills and videos were posted by the developers themselves on their social media handles and the official blog but later taken down quickly without any explanation prompting it might need some more polishing before release.

The stills and images of the game suggest that map won’t be removed entirely from the game but there is no solid news from Activision Blizzard when it will be released, which might partly be because of the size of the beta being too large and a lot of visual glitches appearing during the gameplay.

The Grand Prix map is one of the most beloved maps of the COD community. It is played in a 6v6 mode in a night time setting. It is inspired by the Marina Bay circuit track in Singapore. Fans were really excited to see the map after watching the reveal and were let down to know that it won’t be making an appearance in beta. Many of the fans have dubbed this as a good move as the beta for the game is a lot messy which could have turned the most beloved map into a nightmare.

Activision is known to release the games very polished with minimal bugs and the fans are expecting the same this year too with the Grand Prix map. Despite the many visual and audio glitches the game was dubbed as the most successful beta.