Delhi: Two men arrested for taking bets on England-Pakistan T20 World Cup final

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During Sunday’s T20 Cricket World Cup final between England and Pakistan, the Delhi Police arrested two persons for operating an online cricket gambling book. In addition, the accused were found to be in possession of three laptops, 19 mobile phones, and a customized suitcase that contained numerous mobile phones.

The police received a tip-off on November 13 that a cricket gambling book was being operated near Yamuna Sports Complex in Delhi’s Shahdara. Following the tip-off, the police carried out a raid at the scene and detained both the suspects.

The suspects have been identified as Amit Arora and Anuj. After extensive questioning, Amit admitted that he is the ringleader of the network that runs throughout India and that he used internet calling to connect with his bettors.

Amit and Anuj are revealed to be brothers and Amit had been running this betting racket at his house for the past few days along with his brother Anuj.

To place bets, gamblers dialed certain numbers provided by the gang. The betting information was carefully recorded on laptops. The accused used specialized betting software to track and calculate wagers made during the game.

Amit had set up a modified suitcase carrying numerous mobile phones that were connected using various wires that included different interception points. After each ball, Amit would repeatedly state the current betting odds using the custom briefcase. The total amount of bets were around Rs 50-60 lakh for a single match.

Meanwhile, a cricket betting racket was busted in Pune where one-time gamblers who realized they could earn a lot more money by running a book were arrested by the local police.

The T20 cricket World Cup brought with it raids on many betting syndicates across the country. Recently, the Mangalhat police in Hyderabad arrested two individuals engaging in cricket betting and seized Rs 1 lakh from them.

The police in Jaipur also arrested six people who has been taking illegal bets. While not as big as other gangs, Garha police station cops in Jabalpur also booked two people for betting on a cricket match between Pakistan and South Africa and seized Rs 6,840