Deltin announces state-wide closure of casinos as Goa government extends COVID-19 curfew

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Just as the Goa state government extended the Covid-19 induced restrictions till 26 July 2021, casino and hotel giant Delta Corp informed that its casinos in Goa will remain closed during the aforementioned period.

Delta Corp announced during an exchange filing that “due to the surge in COVID-19 cases being witnessed in Goa, the Government of Goa inter-alia has extended the restrictions in the state till July 26, 2021. Accordingly, the casinos operated by the Company and its subsidiaries in Goa will remain closed during this period.”  

Addressing the announcement further, the company also expressed worry regarding its inability to estimate the potential of loss during this temporary closure due to the pandemic.

However, the company declared that it had resumed operation in Sikkim from July 6, 2021, “The Government of Sikkim has allowed reopening of the Casinos in the State subject to the safety norms being followed. Further the company and/or its subsidiary operating the Casino in the state of Sikkim will resume its operations from July 06, 2021 and will follow all the safety norms laid down by the state in this regards.”

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On July 11, the Pramod Sawant government imposed a state-wide curfew until the 19th of July which is now further extended till the 26th of July with the same set of relaxations and restrictions.

“The State Level Curfew order will be extended up to 7 am, 26 July, with the same restrictions and relaxations,” tweeted the Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant. It is worth noting that Delta Corp’s shares were trading over 1% lower at ₹180.65 on the BSE on Monday.

The restrictions on movement and businesses, labelled as ‘curfew’ by the government were extended from time to time. Earlier, shops including saloons and outdoor sports complex/stadiums were allowed to open from 7am to 6pm.

Deltin’s 100% vaccination

Last month, the company accomplished a key milestone as it 100 per cent of its staff across all its casinos and hotel properties in Goa, Daman, Gangtok and Kathmandu. 

Speaking about the campaign, Deltin CEO Anil Malani said, “Safety and wellbeing of our guests and employees have always been our topmost priority and during these difficult times, despite being non-operational for around two months since the second wave hit us in April ‘21, we have taken many critical measures in this regard, with first and foremost being vaccinating all our staff. We are probably the only company in the segment to achieve vaccination of 100per cent of staff till date. We hope this initiative will not only make our guests and staff feel safer when we open our doors but also will encourage the larger audience to get their jabs quickly.”

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With a staff strength of approximately 2500, with properties across Goa, Daman, Sikkim and Nepal; Deltin, has been quick on the draw to vaccinate its entire staff.