EvenBet adds new, interactive features to its online gaming platform

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Online gaming software developer and provider, EvenBet Gaming has announced new interactive features to its poker gaming platform. These changes are done in order to make the player experience fun and more engaging.

The latest features include video chat, throwable objects and bomb pots that are aimed to improve interaction among the players compared to staring at a virtual board and avatar on your screen while playing.

Speaking on the update to SBC News, EvenBet CEO Dmitry Starostenkov said, “We are continuously looking at ways to bring elements of the offline poker experience into the online world, and now players have the opportunity to express their emotions and engage with opponents in real-time with these upgrades.”

Starostenkov further told that they are very proud of the addition of the new features and will continue to work on similar additions in order to improve player experience.

Overview of new features

The video chat feature is an interesting addition. However, it will not be available during tournaments. Furthermore, players will be able to interact and chat with each other. The throwables is an upgrade to the emote feature where players can throw virtual objects at opponents like they used to emote previously.

The bomb pot, lastly, is like a bonus random event where players will have to pay an ante if it appears during the game. This will increase the pool and give a chance to everyone to swoop more cash.

EvenBet has a strong presence in India. It has provided services to many popular online gaming platforms. One of these include MPL, which is one of the most popular fantasy platforms providing a variety of gaming option to users.

Apart from providing services to other companies, EvenBet themselves offer over 30 different variants of online poker along with rummy, call break, and other card games which have gained popularity in India.