Goa police busts illegal gambling den in Candolim : 11 arrested

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In an operation, the Crime Branch of Goa Police detained 11 individuals on charges of
participating in illicit gambling activities within a casino located at Candolim. The arrests
followed a raid conducted at the Ocean 7 Casino, situated within the Novotel Hotel,
Annawado, Candolim, in the Bardez taluka.

According to police reports, the raid was prompted by suspicions of illegal gambling
operations within the premises. It was revealed that the casino, Ocean 7, lacked the
necessary license to conduct live gaming activities, and yet, such activities were allegedly
being offered in violation of the established legal framework.

The law enforcement officers executed the raid, uncovering a series of unlawful activities. In addition to the arrests made, authorities seized various items, including machines, chips,
and other electronic equipment, collectively valued at a staggering Rs 74 lakh, reported Goa Tribune.

The operation was a proactive measure undertaken by the Goa Police Crime Branch to curb unlawful gambling practices and ensure compliance with gaming regulations. The incident highlights the persistent challenges faced by authorities in monitoring and curbing illegal activities within the casino industry.

The individuals arrested in connection with this case are expected to face charges related to their alleged involvement in unauthorized gambling activities. As the legal proceedings
unfold, authorities will inquire into the operations of the Ocean 7 Casino to ascertain the
extent of its non-compliance with gaming regulations.