Goa: Vijai Sardesai alleges illegal casinos have resumed operations, have state backing

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Member of Goa Legislative Assembly and president of the Goa Forward Party (GFP) Vijai Sardesai made bold claims today that there has been a resumption of illegal casinos’ operations and explained that they were meant to remain shut for a short period of time only.

As per a Goemkarponn report, the party president went on to say that during the previous Assembly session the illegal casinos had shut their operations after he raised the issue during the session. However, with the passage of time they have resumed their operations across the state.

“The illegal casinos operating in Goa are all back after shutting down briefly during the Assembly Session where I raised the issue,’ the Fatorda MLA said.

He further went on to mention that these activities are taking place freely as the police as well as the Home Minister are hand in glove, with allegedly having stakes in the matter. His statements raised a question regarding the lawful abuse of regulations in the state related to casinos and gambling.

“How does the Police not have access to such videos, or is there some understanding. Our Councillor has written to Fatorda PI, but no action is being taken. Legal casinos have been mushrooming across the state under the blessings of the state government,” the party president added.

Issue to be escalated to higher authorities, says Sardesai

In a rather thoughtful manner, Sardesai made a request to the police to thoroughly investigate the operations of these illegal casinos, which might help the state government to save monies and further minimize the loss of its revenues.

The 52-year-old revealed that he and his party would go leaps and bounds towards the higher authorities in order to escalate the concerns. “Illegal activities happening under political patronage will be exposed and stopped,” he concluded.