Govt looking to curb illegal betting ads ahead of cricketing season

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Last year, the Govt banned several Chinese betting apps and declared them illegal. However, the apps are now using mirror and alternate domains or surrogate brands to keep advertising in different ways. With the upcoming tournaments like Asia Cup and World Cup, these sites will look to lure users in the cricket-crazy nation.

The central Govt, however, has shown strict intentions of curbing these illegal betting sites from featuring in advertisements and sponsors. Notably, the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) will look into the matter and find ways to protect such illegal ads. Ultimately, the telecom, IT, and electronic ministries will also keep an eye over the matter.

According to Zee Business, the concerned ministry has already instructed social media sites like X and Meta to stop showing such ads to the Indian audience. These social media platforms will make the use of AI-driven solutions to curb such ads.

The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) working under the Consumer Protection Act has taken note of these illegal betting apps and have notified telecom, IT, and electronic ministries of the matter.

Recently, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB) also issued an advisory regarding promotion of illegal betting and their surrogate brands. In the advisory, all the loopholes have been covered and terms are strictly updated.

Central Govt’s action coming at the right time

Many cases of financial losses, mental health issues and suicides have been surfacing across the country due to betting addiction. Hence, the central Govt’s move definitely feels like a step in the right direction of protecting the youth.

Celebrity advertisements and endorsements of betting brands or their surrogates would also not be allowed under the said advisory. The move has surely come at the right time as the cricketing extravaganza begins soon with tournaments like Asia Cup and ODI World Cup.

All the sites who advertise their betting platform claim to be legal and safe, which surely isn’t the case. In fact, these sites also dupe innocent people with false promises of substantial returns. Some sites also claim that users don’t need to pay taxes to play and win on their platform. However, they fail to mention that users’ entire money and personal information is at stake.