Pakistani woman enters India illegally with four kids to meet man she met while playing PUBG

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A Pakistani woman entered India illegally with her four children after falling in love with a man from Noida while playing the online Battle Royale game PUBG. The woman is identified as Seema Ghulam Haider and the person she travelled to India for is identified as Sachin.

Reports reveal that Seema first travelled to Nepal from where she entered Uttar Pradesh and subsequently travelled to Noida to meet Sachin. She also brought her four children along with her. Both Seema and Sachin met each other playing PUBG, and started chatting on social media, falling in love in the process.

After reaching Noida, Seema started living together with Sachin in an apartment in Greater Noida’s Rabupura area. The police received information about a Pakistani woman entering the country illegally and living in the area. Springing into action, they detained her and her four children along with Sachin.

The landlord, identified as Brijesh, told the police that Sachin informed him that they had a court marriage and had four children. The former did not suspect anything at the time as the woman wore salwar suits and sarees and did not look like she was from Pakistan.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Saad Miya Khan, said, “The Pakistani woman and the local man have been detained. The woman’s four children are also in police custody.” Both of them are being questioned by the police.

A similar case was reported in January this year from Bengaluru where a 19-year-old Pakistani girl named Iqra Jeewani entered India through Nepal itself to meet a man named Mulayam Singh Yadav whom she met while playing online ludo.

Both of them were later arrested by the local police and the girl was handed over to the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO). She was subsequently deported to Pakistan after questioning.