Homes of Mahadev Betting App accused should be demolished: Demand in Chhattisgarh Assembly

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On the fourth day of the ongoing budget session in the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly the Mahadev betting app case resonated throughout the proceedings. As reported in Naidunia, Lawmakers Rikesh Sen and Rajesh Munat raised concerns over the lack of action against those involved in the Mahadev betting app scandal.

Vaishali Nagar lawmaker Rikesh Sen expressed his shock, pointing out that what was once known as a hub for sports and education in Bhilai is now infamous as Mahadev betting app. He questioned the involvement of over 20,000 youth from his constituency in the scandal, highlighting the alleged protection provided to certain administrative officials who were themselves operators of Mahadev betting app.

Over the past five years, there has been a continuous entry of individuals involved in such activities in Durg district. Even as these individuals, including politicians and police officers, possess Mahadev IDs, only a nominal action has been taken against around 90 smaller players. Rikesh Sen further pointed out that despite the scandal making national headlines, no significant actions have been taken against the accused participants of the betting app, even those attending the wedding of its operator Saurabh Chandra.

Home Minister Vijay Sharma assured the members that the matter is being investigated by central agencies, and the truth will be revealed once the inquiry is complete.

Dharamjeet Singh, another lawmaker, echoed the call for strong action and suggested using bulldozers against the accused. He criticized the slow progress in the investigation and urged the Chief Minister to seek guidance from Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh.

Lawmaker Rajesh Munat sought details on the number and nature of complaints related to Mahadev betting app and questioned the progress of the investigation. He stressed the need for a thorough, impartial inquiry, suggesting the involvement of a committee, possibly from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), to ensure accountability. He mentioned that international individuals are involved in this case, making it a highly sensitive matter. Operations related to it are being conducted from Dubai.

In response, Home Minister Vijay Sharma disclosed that 28 complaints have been received regarding betting app, with 90 criminal cases registered. He assured that the inquiry is ongoing, involving more than 400 individuals, and once completed, appropriate action will be taken against all wrongdoers.

The Mahadev betting app scandal continues to be discussed in Chhattisgarh’s legislative assembly with lawmakers demanding a transparent and comprehensive investigation to bring the culprits to justice.