Chhattisgarh Home Minister vows no mercy in Mahadev app case investigation

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Chhattisgarh Home Minister Vijay Sharma made a significant announcement today in the state assembly regarding the infamous Mahadev app case. The Deputy Chief Minister addressed the house, stating that no one will be spared in this case. Any individual found involved will face consequences. Sharma revealed that information about the assets of those involved in the case is being collected, including a list of individuals who traveled to Dubai via charter planes.

The issue of Mahadev app was raised during the question hour in the assembly by BJP MLA and former minister Rajesh Munat. Deputy CM Sharma disclosed that a total of 90 FIRs have been filed in the Mahadev app case from 2022 until now. These include 36 in Raipur, 23 in Durg, 4 in Surguja, and 2 each in Bilaspur and Janjgir as reported in npg news. Sharma further explained that suspicious transactions from 507 bank accounts have been identified, amounting to transactions worth 221 crore rupees, out of which 116 lakh rupees have been frozen.

Deputy CM Sharma stated that efforts are underway to trace the assets of those who have fled. The identification process of individuals who traveled to Dubai via charter planes from Nagpur is also ongoing, with a list being compiled. He emphasized that no one will be spared. Sharma also mentioned that the Central investigative agency, Enforcement Directorate (ED), is conducting an investigation into the matter, which is in its final stages.

So far, no official information has been shared by the ED with the state government, as confirmed by Home Minister Sharma. He clarified that the state government has not received any official communication from the ED as of February 5th. Munat accused the officials of misleading the government, stating that the ED had sent a letter to the state government on January 3rd, followed by a reminder on January 30th. He questioned whose interests are being protected and why. Munat also referenced statements made by arrested ASI Chandra Bhushan Verma.

In response, Home Minister Sharma reiterated that no official information has been shared by the ED with the state government. He made it clear that the government is not attempting to shield anyone, and anyone found involved will be dealt with decisively.

Demanding an investigation into the roles of police officers stationed in Durg over the past five years, MLA Ritesh Sen from Vaishali Nagar constituency in Durg called for inspection into the alleged involvement of police officers in receiving large amounts from Mahadev app operators every month.