Illegal betting app Fun88 teams up with Dabang Delhi in sponsorship deal

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Despite numerous warnings, illegal betting companies persist in their dealings, illustrated by Fun88’s recent decision to support Pro Kabaddi League’s Dabang Delhi. The online gaming platform, known for its extensive sports sponsorship portfolio in cricket, hockey, tennis, and football, continues to engage in promotional activities, clearly disregarding advisories from the government.

In a move that aligns with our previous exposés on the matter, Fun88 congratulated and expressed support for Dabang Delhi, exhibiting a concerning pattern of illegal betting sites extending their influence within the sports industry despite repeated cautions. The CEO of Dabang Delhi, Durganath Wagle, enthusiastically welcomed the partnership, emphasizing shared values of excitement and entertainment, further highlighting the growing influence of such dubious affiliations. He said ”This collaboration represents a shared passion for delivering excitement and entertainment to our fans. Fun88’s innovative gaming platform aligns seamlessly with our vision, and we look forward to a successful and engaging season together.”

The spokesperson for Fun88 appeared untroubled by the warnings, expressing delight in the association and envisioning expanded fan bases, particularly in India. Despite claims of optimism and ambitions to become a leading gaming, entertainment, and news platform in India, the underlying issue persists – how are these associations allowed to thrive despite government warnings?

Fun88’s latest move to support Pro Kabaddi League’s Dabang Delhi is just another instance of the brand employing cunning marketing tactics. This is not the first time the illegal Chinese betting app has resorted to such strategies. Earlier, the app was observed using banners in metros across various cities in India, luring unaware individuals into its deceptive web.

As Fun88 gears up to cover IPL 2024, the men’s Twenty20 (T20) cricket league, scheduled to begin on March 22, the ongoing concern surrounding illegal betting sites infiltrating sports sponsorships remains relentless. The persistence of such alliances raises serious questions about their impact on the integrity of sports and the well-being of fans, underscoring the urgent need for intervention and stricter regulations.