Illegal betting bust: BJP leader and family arrested in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

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Khandwa police in Madhya Pradesh received information that illegal betting was taking place at the home of a BJP leader and member of the district panchayat in the nearby village of Jawar, they swiftly acted and arrested the offenders involved in this illicit activity.

Aaj Tak reported that the police were tipped off that an illegal gambling racket was being operated from a house in the village of Jawar, with connections to surrounding villages. This house belongs to Jyoti Yadav, a BJP leader and member of the Khandwa district panchayat, whose husband, Deepak Yadav, is also associated with the BJP. Due to their affiliations with the ruling party, it was suspected that the police would never dare to intervene, but the police went ahead.

Under the direction of ASP Veerendra Kumar Singh, on Thursday, TI G.P. Verma, ASI Ranjeet Singh, and their team cordoned off the house of Jyoti, the member of the district panchayat. When pressure was applied, gambling was found to be underway in one room while betting was being conducted in another. Jyoti, along with her husband Deepak, and their son Rounak, were arrested. Charges have been filed against all of them under the Gambling and Betting Act.

During the raid, Jyoti Yadav tried to obstruct the police and even attempted to disrupt the operation. When her efforts failed, she even threatened police officers with the removal of their uniforms. Now, a video of her actions is going viral, causing embarrassment to the BJP as it highlights how its leaders and workers are involved in criminal activities. However, the police anticipated that the case could be connected to leaders of the ruling party, so not only did they gather solid evidence but also recorded the entire operation on video.

TI G.P. Verma said that they received information that gambling was being conducted illegally in surrounding villages from a house. Police raided Deepak Yadav’s house and found gambling taking place in one room while betting was being conducted in another. From Jyoti, Deepak, and their son Rounak’s purses, betting slips were recovered. Nineteen betting slips, two mobile phones, a register, and Rs. 10,170 in cash were seized from their possession.

The accused, Dilip Yadav, a resident of Jawar, along with Raghuvir Singh, and residents of Talwadia, Shailendra and Rakesh, were apprehended with Rs. 10,050 in cash along with playing cards and dice. The accused had turned their home into the headquarters of surrounding villages. Deepak Yadav has been involved in two cases of gambling prior to this. The police have arrested BJP leader Jyoti Yadav, her husband Deepak, as well as her mother-in-law Jeevanlata Bai and son Rounak. Cases have been filed against all four under the Gambling and Betting Act.