Police arrest 11 individuals, for gambling at Hotel Vienna in Kathmandu

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In a recent crackdown on the underground gambling scene in Kathmandu, police arrested 11 individuals, including 36-year-old Leela Dangi from Rolpa, for engaging in gambling activities at Hotel Vienna in Jyatha, reported Khabarhub. Acting on intelligence indicating Dangi’s involvement in gambling within room number 612 of the hotel, a police team from the District Police Complex Kathmandu and Lainchaur Police Circle conducted the operation, leading to the apprehension of the suspects.

Upon inspection, the arrested individuals were found in possession of totalling to Nepali Rupees 13,62,500 in cash, accompanied by four gambling books. The police are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the matter to uncover the details of the gambling operation.

Gambling is legal in Nepal, but exclusively for foreign tourists. The country has legalized gambling to boost its tourism industry and generate revenue. However, Nepali citizens are strictly prohibited from partaking in gambling activities, except for the annual Dashain festival where card games are played in many households as a cultural tradition.

Despite efforts to regulate the gambling industry, Nepal has recently intensified its stance against illegal gambling. This includes crackdowns on unauthorized gambling establishments and the banning of illegal offshore platforms. Even licensed casinos are under scrutiny, as authorities aim to ensure compliance and prevent potential money laundering operations within the industry.

The ongoing arrests reflect the government’s commitment to tackling the complexities of the gambling landscape in Kathmandu. These arrests serve as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in curbing illicit gambling activities and maintaining order in this tourist hub.