IShowSpeed’s ‘dream come true’ moment after meeting football icon Cristiano Ronaldo

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Popular gamer and streamer IShowSpeed (Darren Watkins Jr.) finally achieved his dream of meeting with one of the most legendary footballers of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo. Speed has been trying to meet Ronaldo since last year when he visited Old Trafford back in November but was unable to meet Ronaldo.

The two of them took photos together, in which Speed clearly seems emotional after achieve one of his lifelong dreams. The meeting was made possible thanks to some of Ronaldo’s family members, whom IShowSpeed also greeted afterward.

As per Sportskeeda’s reports, IShowSpeed also showed his tattoo to the star football player and even did the iconic ‘Siuuuu’. Ronaldo said that his son told him that Speed would be there waiting after the match. His fans have congratulated him and have cheered on social media for making his dream come true.

The meeting was pretty heart-warming and comes right after Speed graduated from high school and was visibly shocked after his meeting with the football legend. The moment can be considered one of the best moments of his life.

Even the people who don’t even watch his content on a regular basis were very supportive, as someone meeting their idol is a big achievement in itself, be it Speed or any other person.

In India, IShowSpeed has gained a lot of popularity of late due to his videos on famous cricketer Virat Kohli, in which he pronounces the name horribly, and in order to support the star batsman, Speed went to watch the World Test Championship Final in London, which took place last week. His “Skip, Skip” video is also remixed by fans across social media platforms.

Speed also found himself in hot water after bringing a fake Ronaldo on his livestream, which the audience were quick to notice and called him out for promoting some shady cryptocurrency. He later on address the situation and apologized, saying that he would never scam his fans.