Jharkhand police arrests 10 cyber criminals operating online betting racket from rented properties

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Jharkhand Police have arrested 10 cyber criminals who were involved in activities through online betting. The criminals operated these activities through rented properties. These individuals are originally based from various locations. They tempted people with promises of online profits and cheated them. This is an addition to the recent wave of arrests in online betting cases across the country.

As reported by Aaj Tak, the police received information about the presence of cyber criminals at a certain location who were causing financial harm to people through deception. Acting on this information, police teams conducted a raid, leading to the arrest of 10 cyber offenders.

Police officers reported that several electronic gadgets were seized from the possession of these suspects. A total of 23 mobile phones, eight computers, and other electronic gadgets were confiscated from the suspects.

These individuals were residing in a rented house in the Chiyanki area of Palamu. When the raid took place at night, it caused a stir among the cyber criminals, who were subsequently arrested by the police. Officials stated that these suspects were luring people into schemes via online betting apps and then deceiving them.

In Palamu district of Jharkhand, the police have taken action against cyber criminals. 

Medininagar (Rural) Station House Officer Uttam Kumar revealed that these offenders were engaging in fraud through online betting applications while residing in rented properties at different locations. They would trap individuals in their schemes and deceive them of their money. 

Police officers stated that investigations are underway to determine the extent of the fraud committed by these criminals and whom they have targeted. Interrogations of the suspects are being conducted to gather information about the entire racket.