JioDrive Overview: 3D and VR Gaming in budget?

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Virtual Reality (VR) and three-dimensional (3D) gaming are yet to become mainstream in India. And this is the case majorly because of the ultra-high price that these gimmicky devices come for. But finally, Reliance-owned Jio has launched its VR headset—the JioDrive. And the pricing of this device is really, really competitive.

Majority of the publicity of JioDrive has been around experiencing cricket matches in virtual reality. But there’s a lot that this headset can do, especially when it comes to playing some really cool games. As per Jio’s claims, the JioDrive supports playing 30+ 3D titles, like the most popular Sniper Rust.

With that said, let’s dive deep into the features and technical aspects of this VR gaming headset.

JioDrive Functions and Technical Specifications

First things first, the unboxing experience of JioDrive is pretty satisfying. In the box, you get the main unit, along with additional connectible cables and user manual. And when you get the device in hand, you can guess that only the price is cheap, and not the quality. To say, it won’t be wrong to mention that the quality is similar to premium-priced headsets.

Next up, the detailed manual explains how to adjust the focal setting and the lens adjustment to fit to your smartphone size. And speaking of smartphones, the JioDrive is compatible with more than 700 smartphones, so yeah, compatibility doesn’t seem like an issue.

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The Gyroscope and Accelerometer sensors are present that are accurate, and ensure real-time immersive experience. When you flip open the headset, smartphones with screen size up to six inches can fit inside easily.

For Android users, the device needs to be on minimum Android v9.0 Pie, and iOS 15 and above for Apple devices.

The JioImmerse app available on Google Play Store and App Store helps in seamless connectivity. Now that you’ve set up the device, launch your favourite 3D or VR games in your smartphone and get gaming. The experience on JioDrive is sure to try for. Although, there are very few games available right, more titles are expected to onboard in the future.

JioDrive VR and Gaming Headset can be bought for just Rs 1,295 here.

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