Karnataka aims for gaming excellence with the launch of a state-of-the-art centre

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Karnataka, a stalwart in the animation, visual effects, gaming, and comics (AVGC) sector, is set to reinforce its leadership by unveiling a cutting-edge Centre of Excellence (CoE) dedicated to gaming. The announcement came from Priyank Kharge, the Minister for Information Technology, Karnataka, during the Games24x7 Accelerator Program at GAFX 2024 in Bengaluru.

As per a report on the Business Line, the primary objective of the CoE is to establish a comprehensive ecosystem, bringing together hardware, software, innovators, and government support onto a single platform. Minister Kharge expressed confidence in making this CoE the most successful in the gaming domain. Additionally, Karnataka is gearing up to host one of the largest game developer conferences this year, followed by a summit focused on electronic gaming.

With a firm commitment to maintaining Karnataka’s leadership position in the AVGC sector, Minister Kharge emphasized the importance of fostering innovation and encouraging the creation of intellectual properties (IPs). He envisions Karnataka as the AVGC capital and creative hub of the country.

The AVGC sector, when nurtured effectively, has the potential to significantly contribute to employment generation within the gaming industry. Presently, the sector employs nearly 1 lakh people directly and indirectly. Minister Kharge envisions this number to rise to 2.5 lakh people by 2025, with Bangalore and Karnataka playing a key role in securing employment growth in the sector.

In 2023, India witnessed the rise of close to 1400 online gaming startups, leading to over 430 crore app downloads. The gaming industry’s remarkable growth highlights the need for strategic initiatives and support structures to nurture startups and disruptors in the sector.

During this year’s GAFX, industry leaders put forth three key initiatives to provide start-ups and gaming disruptors with enhanced opportunities to showcase their IPs and talent on a global stage. These initiatives include skilling programs tailored for the industry, the establishment of incubation centres, and the creation of robust Business-to-Business (B2B) platforms.

The announcement of the CoE and the upcoming gaming conferences affirms Karnataka’s commitment to fostering a thriving gaming ecosystem, showcasing the state’s dedication to innovation, skill development, and economic growth in the AVGC sector. The CoE is expected to serve as a catalyst for further advancements, reinforcing Karnataka’s position as a hub for gaming excellence in India.