LinkedIn ventures into gaming to increase platform engagement

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LinkedIn, the professional networking platform owned by Microsoft, is expanding its services to include gaming, aiming to enhance user engagement. Through this initiative, LinkedIn wants to tap into the popularity of puzzle-based games, following the success of games like Wordle.

According to reports from TechCrunch, LinkedIn is currently in the process of developing a new gaming experience for its users, featuring puzzle and word-based games similar to Wordle. Initial games in development include “Queens,” “Inference,” and “Crossclimb.”

While LinkedIn has primarily been associated with professional networking and recruitment, the platform is now seeking to boost user activity and time spent on the site. A spokesperson for LinkedIn confirmed the gaming initiative but refrained from commenting on Microsoft’s involvement, reported the Economic Times.

The shift into gaming aligns with LinkedIn’s efforts to diversify its platform and features while keeping the users engaged within its ecosystem. By integrating puzzle-based games, LinkedIn aims to add a fun element to the platform.

Microsoft’s gaming division, which includes Xbox, Activision Blizzard, and ZeniMax, has always generated revenue for the company. With gaming revenues surpassing Windows revenues for the first time, Microsoft’s expertise in the gaming industry could potentially play a role in LinkedIn’s gaming venture, although specifics remain undisclosed.

LinkedIn’s entry into gaming follows a broader trend of non-gaming platforms exploring gaming features to boost user traffic and engagement. Puzzle-based casual games have particularly gained traction among mobile users, presenting an opportunity for LinkedIn to attract and retain users with similar offerings.

The New York Times, which acquired Wordle in 2022, reported that people continue to play the game, which is now part of a bigger platform of online puzzles and games developed by the newspaper. Others, like Facebook, have seen results with gaming initiatives. Despite being a driver of social gaming, Facebook shut down its standalone gaming app in 2022 due to a decline in usage.

Over the years, LinkedIn has introduced many features aimed at boosting user engagement, including online education, professional development, publishing, and news operations. By integrating gaming, LinkedIn is aiming to utilise the popularity of puzzle-based games to create new opportunities for user interaction and connection within its platform dedicated to professional networking.