Mahadev Betting App case: Constables dismissed, ED makes arrests

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In the Mahadev Betting App case, Arjun Yadav, the brother of the accused Bhim Singh Yadav, a constable in the Durg police, has been dismissed by the SP. The brothers, serving as constables, have faced repercussions. Arjun Yadav, accused in the Mahadev Betting App case, had previously faced suspension and has been absent for several days.

According to Aaj Tak, constable Bhim Singh Yadav was initially suspended in Durg after his involvement in the Mahadev Online Betting App case came to light. Subsequently, he has been dismissed by the SP. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) apprehended constable Bhim Singh Yadav and his accomplice driver, Asim Das (Bappa), from Supela police station in connection to the Mahadev Betting App case. They are presently incarcerated at Raipur Central Jail. Following suit, constable Arjun Yadav has also faced dismissal. His whereabouts remain unknown since the case emerged.

Durg SP Jitendra Shukla disclosed that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) had arrested constable Bhim Singh Yadav from Supela police station on charges related to money laundering in connection to the Mahadev Online Betting App case. ED is currently investigating the matter. During the operation, approximately seven crore rupees in cash were seized from Asim Das’s (Bappa’s) residence and a hotel in Raipur. Additionally, over fifteen crore rupees worth of online accounts were frozen.

The SP further explained that Bhim Yadav and Arjun Yadav are brothers who served in the Durg police force. Both were implicated in the Mahadev Betting App case. Bhim Singh Yadav remains in custody, while Arjun Yadav is still evading authorities. Arjun Yadav’s dismissal stems from his prolonged unauthorized absence, while Bhim Singh Yadav was dismissed due to his involvement in illicit activities.