Durg: Police constable suspended for operating Mahadev Book illegal betting ring

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A police constable named Upendra Tiwari from Durg, Chhattisgarh has been suspended and is currently being investigated under criminal charges for running an illegal betting ring using the Mahadev Book betting app.

In a viral video that was recorded secretly, Tiwari was caught confessing to have operated bets from his house and was offering settlement rates to people. Tiwari was previously posted in Vaishali Nagar police station. According to Zee News Hindi people from the area started complaining that he was involved in some shady business.

Acting quickly, SP Abhishek Pallav from Durg Police quickly suspended the constable and have started investigation in the matter. Pallav has already been pursuing the Mahadev book betting trail and have made several arrests in recent months.

Mahadev Book is considered one of the biggest illegal betting network in India that is being operated by Saurabh Chandrakar from Dubai. The government have also banned the main domain of the Mahadev Book website, but they have started using a mirror domain to bypass the ban.

As of now, the police estimated the entire network of Mahadev Book to be of thousands of crores operated by countless individuals in different areas. Many of these are trained in Dubai. These people operate using fake bank accounts opened either by stolen identities or luring people through a percent of commission on their transaction.

The current suspension of the police constable reveals that the roots of the operations have also reached the police department. While it is a great opportunity to learn more about other people involved in the operation, police needs to be wary of other policemen doing the same thing.