Mahadev Book illegal betting app accused Ravi Uppal detained in Dubai; may be deported to India

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In a major development in the Mahadev Book illegal betting app case, one of the two accused, Ravi Uppal, has now been detained by the Dubai police. As per PTI, the action was taken on the basis of a Red Corner Notice issued by Interpol on the request of the Enforcement Directorate.

The Indian officials are currently in contact with the authorities in Dubai, who broke the news to the former and are reportedly willing to deport Uppal to India, as per The Times of India.

It is believed that the total transactions through Mahadev Book are worth more than Rs 5,000 crore which were taken from gullible people through enticing offers, and subsequently laundered through multiple hawala channels out of India, reported Hindustan Times.

The ED, along with Chhattisgarh and Mumbai police, are also investigating the case and have named several people suspected to be involved or aiding the illegal betting network’s operations, as per The Indian Express.

Mahadev Book network operates multiple other betting platforms under different names, and after it began getting the heat, they tried to rebrand their services to Mahakal Book.

Online betting and gambling are illegal in India, despite that Mahadev Book and its subsidiaries used to portray themselves as a legal betting service. Multiple celebrities have also been hired to endorse the apps to make it look more legitimate.

It is being reported that Uppal’s arrest may very well change the entire direction of the case, as the officials are expecting to get information regarding who all are involved in the case.

Most recently, Chhattisgarh CM Bhupesh Baghel and many people close to him were accused of receiving a bribe amounting to Rs 508 crore. Baghel denied all allegations, calling it a plan from the opposition to influence the recently concluded Chhattisgarh elections.