UP woman addicted to gambling loses herself in bet on game of Ludo with landlord

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A woman’s addiction to Ludo turned sour when she bet against herself because she had no money to risk and, consequently, lost to her landlord in Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

The woman, Renu, was addicted to the game of Ludo and reportedly played the game with her landlord. Renu also used to bet during the games using the money that her husband earned. The husband, who works away from home in Jaipur, used to send her money every month.

The woman gambled on herself when she ran out of cash last week while she was participating in the game and putting bets in a Ludo match against her landlord.

She explained the entire situation to her husband over the phone. Her husband traveled to Pratapgarh and filed a complaint with the police. Additionally, he shared this incident on social media, where it is currently trending.

According to Renu’s husband, he previously resided in a rented home in Devkali. When he relocated to Jaipur six months ago for work, he continued to send his wife money, which she spent on gambling. She lost herself in a self-bet on Ludo after running out of money.

The couple has two kids. The woman has reportedly moved in with the landlord, according to the husband. He said, “I tried to make her leave him, but she is not ready.”

A police official, Subodh Gautam, said, “We are trying to get in touch with the man and will start an investigation as soon as we contact him.”

The case itself is baffling to many people as it has only been seen in movies or heard in the Indian epic “Mahabharat”. Most of the cases of gambling include a person going broke. A case of a person betting themselves is probably the first.