Bengaluru Police busts hi-tech gang involved in gambling

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A Hi-Tech gambling group that may have been inspired by Mr. Q from the James Bond films have been arrested by the Bengaluru police.

The Yeshwanthpur Police uncovered a gambling ring that made use of specialized contact lenses and microchips to let them scan the cards of its rivals and win every game.

Another similar case that occurred back in 2020 was uncovered by the Bengaluru Central Crime Branch when they arrested a man named Imran bin Ismail, who tried a new type of cheat where he put a camera on playing cards to get information on opponents.

This new case is now regarded as the second hi-tech case in the last two years. Even the police now have to be careful and up to date with technology due to these advanced technologies used in cheating.

The two individuals, Mahantesh and Ramesh, who were arrested a week ago, seemed to be inspired by Imran’s technique. They even made a much-refined version by putting QR codes on cards. The QR code was then detected by a nano chip that told them about their opponents’ cards.

After being questioned, the two arrested revealed that they used a special contact lens to scan the cards. The nanochips inserted in cards were very light, and no normal person could have guessed about the QR code hidden in the card.

The players in this technology ring would put spy cameras across the room before a game so they could monitor other games being played nearby. On the basis of the information provided by the cameras through an earpiece, they would approach such tables and attempt to win those games.

An officer, after the investigation, said, “To understand this technology, we asked the accused to play a game with us. They are discreet and smooth operators because of which people are easily fooled and lose the game.”

The lenses used by these people are only obtainable online. After more investigation, the police tracked the manufacturer’s locations in Delhi and Rajkot. Further investigation is being done to check for a potential link between them and Imran due to similar methods.

The officer who has been trying to track the link between them said, “Imran had also been in the business of inserting cameras inside cards and selling them to high-profile customers or other gamblers.”

Most of these gamblers preferred games like ‘Andar Bahar’, ‘Teen Patti’, ‘Maang Patta’, ‘Flash,’ ‘Rummy’ and ‘Black Jack’ to use their equipment on.