Multiple banned betting websites spotted as sponsors during Ireland vs India T20I series

Published on:

The ongoing India vs Ireland ODI series is featuring a ton of illegal betting and gambling platforms even after multiple warnings and advisories from the government.

Some of the main on-ground sponsors for the series include KHELOYAR, Khelraj, 1xBet, SportsX9 and Bet Bricks. These are all illegal websites who are operating through mirror domains after being banned by the Indian government on multiple occasions. The sad part is that the match was live-streamed by JioCinema to millions of fans of all ages.

Sports tournaments, especially cricket in general, are the easiest target for these illegal betting platforms to shine as even the local matches can amass many fans that they can directly target and earn profits.

These websites usually do not have a physical office in India and are operating without licences from offshore countries like Curaçao, where tax laws are almost non-existent. As an attempt to create trust and lure in victims, they often take names in the local language to dupe people.

Many of these illegal betting platforms regularly sign popular celebrities or local influences from different states, through which they promote their website. Many consider these celebrities their role models and trust them when they call these illegal websites legitimate.

However, celebrity advertisements and sponsorship are not the only these betting platforms advertise, as many people have spotted their advertisements in print media on several occasions. While the activity have slowed down in this regard, they do tend to appear time to time.

Betting and gambling is strictly prohibited in India, except for registered casinos, horse racing and lotteries. The government is currently working on a framework which, according to reports, will help regulate the online gaming sector while banning these illegal betting platforms.