MyGov by MeitY invites gaming companies to develop games for better citizen engagement

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One of the largest citizen-engagement platform in India by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) ‘MyGov’ is seeking firms to develop web-based and mobile games for their gaming platform.

According to latest release, “MyGov is looking to develop Mega (Large Scale) and Mini (Small Scale) games for greater participation and engagement of citizens and for meaningful dissemination of information.”

Following a few phases, MyGov hopes to narrow down potential bidders through this invitation, although, the IT Ministry and MyGov will have the authority to reject any or all bids. “MyGov makes no commitments, express or implied, that this process will result in a business transaction with anyone. This RFE does not constitute an offer by MyGov,” said MyGov.

The companies that are registered under Indian Companies Act, 2013, the Companies Act, 1956, the Indian Partnership Act, 1936, the Limited Liability Partnerships Act, 2008, or the Society Act will be eligible to apply for Request for Empanelment (RFE).

Besides the registration requirement, the companies much be in operation for at least three years as of the proposal submission date and have office in Delhi NCR.

The companies which are selected will have to submit the declaration for establishing one. The final date for proposal submission is 21 March.

The main idea behind this is to implement gaming technology that is increasingly socially inspired by web and mobile gaming mechanics and techniques in order to foster participatory governance and improve public involvement in light of the rising popularity of online gaming.

The companies will reportedly be responsible for maintaining the gaming platform’s usability, engagement, interactivity, and liveliness for greater user involvement. After applications are submitted, however, pre-qualification bids will be evaluated and screened, followed by a technical qualification examination and a shortlisting of agencies.

The companies will be tasked with creating video games that address important national issues like ‘Swachhata’ mission, war heroes, climate change, city planning, rural and urban development, and education policy.

The developers are also permitted to produce other interactive game genres like, puzzle, trivia, shooter games, and quiz games however, there are a few guidelines that prospective businesses must adhere to. Maintaining the authoritative guidelines, the genre of the game must ensure civic education and information transmission to the target audience.

The games should also include support for both Hindi and English language. “Mega-games” would be played over a longer period of time in stages, whereas “mini-games” might be finished in as little as 15 to 30 minutes or an hour.

According to Roland Landers, CEO of All India Gaming Federation, told News18, that the government’s efforts to create a gaming platform for MyGov show a very innovative approach to citizen involvement and participation.

Roland said, “As India’s apex industry body for online gaming, we support this initiative, and believe that this heralds a new era for game developers and the government, creating diverse gaming outputs and encouraging better participatory governance through public engagement.”