Netflix to launch new games every month, shares details of upcoming releases

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Streaming giant Netflix has announced details of a number of games that will be launched in the coming months as part of its efforts to expand its game offerings. The titles include Highwater, Terra Nil, as well as a new game made in collaboration with Nanobit that will be released later this year. Another game called Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace by Ubisoft will also be available this year on April 18.

Highwater is a story-driven survival game, while Terra Nil is a casual builder simulation. Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace by Ubisoft is dubbed as rogue-lite with endless replayability.

Along with the above, a game based on a Netflix series is also in production in collaboration with well-known game developer Super Evil Megacorp. Moreover, popular games Monument Valley 1 and Monument Valley 2 will also be available on the platform, but in 2024.

In its official blog post, Netflix said, “In this short time, we’ve released 55 games, with about 40 more slated for later this year and 70 in development with our partners. That’s in addition to the 16 games currently being developed by our in-house game studios.”

The company had announced last year that they planned to release several games in 2023, the trailers of which are available on the company blog.

Seeing the ever-increasing growth of the gaming industry worldwide, Netflix decided to venture into it and launched its gaming service in November 2021. The company acquired a number of game studios last year and has also established some of its own.

Various titles are being added regularly to its game library that is available to the subscribers. The games are known for their casual and relaxing gameplay.