Netflix launches two more games, reveals upcoming titles in year-end recap video

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Netflix has added two more games – Kentucky Route Zero and Twelve Minutes – to its mobile gaming library for their subscribers. Kentucky Route Zero is a point-and-click game while Twelve Minutes is an adventure game where the protagonist is stuck in a ten-minute time loop.

The games are quite different from each other which achieves game variety that Netflix has been aiming to provide its users. Both the games have been received very well by critics and are considered to be an effective option to get people engaged on their platform.

Recently, while releasing a new interactive trivia game called “Triviaverse” Netflix announced that there are over 50 games yet to be released on their platform. Some of the games about to be released are from popular developers.

The company has also promised to release two more games called Vikings: Valhalla and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge for its users in the first quarter of 2023.

“In Tilting Point’s Vikings: Valhalla, players will take their place as leaders of fierce Viking clans and build formidable settlements. As their following grows, they will wage war and expand their influence across the continent. It will take strength, cunning and ingenuity to claim a stake through the ever-changing balance of power,” stated Netflix in their official blog about Vikings.

Talking about TMNT, the blog mentioned, “From playing with iconic TMNT characters or picking April, Master Splinter or Casey Jones as playable characters for the first time, players will find old-school gameplay enhanced with super-fresh fighting mechanics and discover great adventures with a totally awesome new story mode.”

Netflix has been aggressively working on the mobile and cloud gaming sector in recent times by building and acquiring multiple game studios. Recently, it announced acquiring Spry Fox as their sixth in-house game studio.