Over 84% of tech practitioners believe India could emerge as global skill-gaming industry leader: Report

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A study commissioned by the E-Gaming Federation (EGF) and Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata (ISIK) has revealed that over 84% of technology students and professionals believe that India could emerge as the leader of the global online skill-gaming industry. The objective of the study was to understand how the technology community perceives the online skill-gaming industry and their motivations when it comes to working within it. The study has highlighted the potential of the industry to contribute to India’s technological and economic progress.

The report titled “Unveiling the Potential and Scope of the Online Skill Gaming Industry: A Study with Technology Students and Professionals” includes insights gathered from 4644 survey participants from all the five southern states of the country. Let us look at the key highlights of the report below –

  • 73% of survey participants expressed a strong desire to pursue a career in the online skill-gaming industry.
  • 68% believe that the industry can play a major role in boosting their skills
  • 60% feel if games are made by India for the rest of the world it could reverse brand drain
  • 55% of highly skilled engineers consider the industry as their preferred domain due to technological innovation
  • About 67% respondents expressed their willingness to pursue professional education in gaming
  • 31% showed interest in hard-core programming, 42% in algorithm theory, AI/ML, hardware, and 22% in art software and animation tools
  • 54% believe there is a need for bachelor’s courses in online gaming related to computer science and engineering.
  • 75% stated they would prefer a career in technology areas related to 5G, metaverse and VR
  • 56% believe the online skill-gaming industry provides opportunity for immense amount of innovation and scope to expand the industry through gamification
  • 62% feel that the opportunities in the industry can enhance the overall skill-sets of all tech enthusiasts

At the launch, Dr. Diganta Mukherjee, Professor at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, said, “The research highlights the symbiotic relationship between technology and gaming. As the industry rapidly evolves, we have a unique opportunity to harness the creative potential of our youth and build a robust ecosystem that nurtures both technological innovation and economic growth.”

Meanwhile, Malay Kumar Shukla, Secretary of the E-Gaming Federation, also spoke on the occasion.

“The online skill gaming industry is the new rapidly rising industry in the era of digitalization. The sector continues proliferating, with cutting-edge technologies, trends, and consumer and business interests driving innovation. This is reflected in the significant interest of tech professionals and students considering a career in the industry, owing to the substantial investment the sector has made in cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML over the last decade,” Shukla said.

“The recognition that India has the potential to become a center for global gaming innovation would ensure the industry’s ability to grow, create employment opportunities, and meaningfully contribute towards the $1 Trillion digital economy vision of our Hon’ble Prime Minister,” he concluded.