Ex-Maharashtra minister Bachchu Kadu protests outside Sachin Tendulkar’s house over online gaming promotion

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Acting on his previous statement, Maharashtra’s former minister Bachchu Kadu has now sent a legal notice to cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. Kadu and his party members have started a protest in front of the former cricketer’s house.

Kadu had previously objected Tendulkar’s promotion of Paytm First Games, calling it a bad influence on the youth. He further demanded that the cricket legend should not promote online gaming apps further.

As per Loksatta, Kadu asked Tendulkar to either stop promoting online gaming or return his Bharat Ratna. Kadu gave a deadline of August 30 to the cricketer. However, Sachin has ignored to fulfil the demands. As a response, Kadu and his activists gathered outside Tendulkar’s house to protest.

The police swiftly detained Kadu and others and have filed a case at Bandra Police Station for causing disruption. Since Kadu won’t be able to protest outside Sachin’s house, he has come up with different ideas. Kadu’s party will keep donation boxes at Ganapati Mandals in the name of Tendulkar.

“We are also going to pray to Lord Ganesha to give good wisdom to Sachin Tendulkar,” Kadu said.

The donations boxes will stay in front of every Ganapati Mandal until he decides to stop these advertisements. All the money collected in donation boxes will be sent to Tendulkar on the day of Ganesh Visarjan.

Kadu has asked the veteran cricketer to give importance to country’s youth over money. Promotion for these online gaming apps are destroying youth and families, Kadu said.

There are many other celebrities promoting these online gaming apps, but they do not have Bharat Ratna. Kadu explained that Bhagat Singh and Mahatma Phule also did not promote gambling but also do not have Bharat Ratna.

“Bharat Ratna should not become Jugar Ratna tomorrow,” he said.