Sachin Tendulkar gets slammed by Maharashtra politician Bachchu Kadu for featuring in online gaming ad

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Maharashtra’s Prahar Janshakti Party leader Bachchu Kadu recently came forward to criticise former cricketer and Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar. His criticism towards the cricketing legend was for featuring in an advertisement for online gaming platforms. Kadu came forward to advise Sachin to refrain from featuring in such ads further.

A lot has already been happening in Maharashtra of late over the matters related to online gaming and casinos. In the same vein, Bachchu Kadu also gave an ultimatum to Sachin Tendulkar stating he should cut ties with online gaming platforms, as him being a Bharat Ratna puts the society in bad light.

Notably, Sachin Tendulkar has been associated as the brand ambassador for Paytm First Games. Paytm First Games is a real-money gaming (RMG) platform that offers a range of skill-based games to choose from.

This is not the first time that Kadu has hit back at the cricket prodigy. Back in July, Kadu, with a video posted on Twitter, initiated the matter.

“Sachin Tendulkar is Bharat Ratna. It is not appropriate for a person who has numerous fans and a man of his stature to advertise a gaming app like Paytm First Games. I humbly request Maharashtra Govt and Sachin Tendulkar to please take necessary action against this ad immediately,” he said in the video.

Kadu further claimed such apps and sites are ruining the younger generation. He said that these games give warning that people may suffer financial harm, but it rarely stops anyone from playing. The only way to truly stop financial loss is to ban these games.

Will protest outside Tendulkar’s residence: Bachchu Kadu

Kadu, in his statement to TV9 Marathi, said that the cricketer should immediately put an end to his online gaming associations. If not followed, then his party members might as well protest in front of his house as the last resort.

“We will protest in front of Sachin Tendulkar’s house. We will offer coconuts and betel leaves to Indians to stop Tendulkar from featuring online gaming. Will give him (Sachin) coconut, and ask him to get out of such advertisement,” he said.

More recently, on Friday, August 11, the both the parliament houses have passed the GST amendment bills that can now be put into effect an increase in the GST rate for online gaming, casinos and horse racing.