Prime Gaming: Free games for October 2022 announced

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Amazon has announced a list of new free games available for its Prime Gaming subscribers this month. The Prime Gaming channel is offered free to all the Prime members of Amazon. Unfortunately, Prime Gaming is not yet available for subscribers in India even when the other benefits of Amazon Prime subscription are available, but apart from this, the games added to Prime Gaming are available in many other eligible countries.

This month, six new games are being added to Prime Gaming as per the announcement by Amazon and will be available to play from October 3, 2022. The list contains :

  1. Fallout 76
  2. Total War: Warhammer II
  3. Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  4. Glass Masquerade: Origins
  5. LOOM
  6. Hero’s Hour and Horace

Apart from these, Amazon is also adding six other games to its Amazon Luna Prime Gaming this month. The games are only available for a month and cannot be added to the user library permanently. These include the following games :

  1. Skatebird
  2. Earthworm Jim 2
  3. Star Wars Pinball
  4. Monster Truck Championship
  5. Metro Exodus
  6. Blair Witch

Other partnered games are also planned to receive free content. Madden 23 and League of Legends (LOL) along with free content exclusive Twitch emotes for the LOL World Championship.

Meanwhile, Prime Gaming and Twitch have recently received a bit of a backlash from the community for not providing enough content and bringing out new terms and conditions. While the free games every month have been an initial effort to provide for the community, people have expected a lot more especially when it is backed by a large corporation like Amazon.

The lack of Prime Gaming in India is also one of the most important factors for subscriber numbers to be lower than what potentially they could be. Gaming attracts a different set of audience and can boost Prime’s user base. Meanwhile, Amazon has not yet confirmed the entry of Prime Gaming in India but industry analysts suggest it might be beneficial for both the company and the users.