Sachin Tendulkar’s personal bodyguard commits suicide over online gaming addiction

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Prakash Govind Kapde, the personal bodyguard of former cricket Sachin Tendulkar and a native resident of Jamner, ended his life by shooting himself with a government-issued pistol. The primary reason behind this incident is believed to be his addiction to online gaming. It has been reported that he had incurred debts due to online gaming in the past, which had led to financial stress and the need to sell his house.

As reported by Divya Marathi, Prakash Kapde (38), who is stationed in the CRPF, had arrived in Jamner just four days ago along with his wife and two children. He was scheduled for urgent duty on Tuesday night, and he had informed his wife of his sudden departure. However, his wife and mother asked him to delay his departure till morning.

After some moments of discussion inside the house, Prakash Kapde returned home. While on the rooftop of his house, he suddenly shot himself in the chest with the government-issued pistol. Hearing the gunshot, his wife and mother rushed to him. By the time they reached him, Prakash was lying in a pool of blood. Distraught, they called for help, and nearby residents rushed to their aid.

Witnessing the incident, local resident Prabhu Mistri immediately informed the Jamner police station. Upon receiving the information, Inspector Kiran Shinde along with his team reached the scene. They secured the area and collected the pistol, the spent cartridge, and other relevant evidence.

Former ministers Narayan Rane and Chhagan Bhujbal had appointed Prakash Kapde as their bodyguard in the past. Currently, as he served as Sachin Tendulkar’s bodyguard, his headquarters were in Mumbai. Whenever he was off-duty or for special assignments, he had to deposit the government-issued pistol at the headquarters. However, questions have arisen as to how Prakash managed to bring the pistol home and why.

Prakash was known to indulge in online Rummy, which had caused him to incur losses in the past. He had even sold his plot of land to cover his debts. However, the family had tried to resolve these issues internally. This sudden act of suicide has left the family shattered. 

The news of Prakash Kapde’s demise has sent shockwaves through the community, raising concerns about the dangers of online gaming addiction and the need for greater awareness and support for those affected by it. The police have registered a case of suicide, and further investigations are being conducted under the supervision of Deputy Inspector Sagar Kale.