SOGI strengthens advisory board with former diplomat Yashvardhan Sinha and tech policy lawyer Shivani Jha

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The Skilled Online Games Institute (SOGI) has recently welcomed two prominent individuals, Yashvardhan Sinha and Shivani Jha, to its Advisory Board. Yashvardhan Sinha, a seasoned diplomat and former Chief Information Commissioner of India, brings over 37 years of diplomatic experience to the board. His extensive career includes significant roles as India’s High Commissioner in the UK and Sri Lanka, Ambassador in Venezuela, and Consul General of India in Dubai. Sinha has a wide range of experience from handling affairs in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran during his tenure in the Ministry of External Affairs, Sinha’s appointment is a strategic move for SOGI.

Accompanying Sinha on SOGI’s board is Shivani Jha, a tech policy lawyer and leader of the E-Gamers & Players Welfare Association (EPWA). Known for her advocacy for players’ rights, Jha aligns with SOGI’s mission to foster a comprehensive understanding of the skilled online games industry. Leading EPWA, she emphasizes research and representation, advocating for the welfare of players. Jha’s addition to SOGI’s board is crucial for ensuring the right representation of skilled players in the online games sector.

In an interview with Storyboard18 Amrit Kiran Singh, President of SOGI, expressed enthusiasm about the new addition to their Advisory Board. He highlighted the importance of Sinha’s diplomatic acumen and Jha’s dedication to players’ welfare in strengthening SOGI’s mission. He emphasized that these appointments bring SOGI closer to its ambition of becoming a globally respected institution in the online gaming space.

Yashvardhan Sinha expressed his excitement about joining SOGI’s board, stating his eagerness to contribute to shaping responsible policies that can harness the economic potential of the Skilled Online Games industry.

Aiming to become the most comprehensive source of information related to all aspects of the Skilled Online Games industry, SOGI aims to incorporate diverse views. This includes regulators, skilled online games players, mental health experts, cybersecurity professionals, members of the judiciary, industry associations, and gaming companies.

SOGI aims to counter the prevailing challenges by building collaborations with renowned institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Management, National University of Judicial Sciences, Oxford University, Harvard University, and AIIMS.

These collaborations are part of SOGI’s efforts to address the lack of adequate basic information in the public domain and facilitate for the making of appropriate regulatory frameworks.

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