Sony hikes PS Plus annual subscription rate after dropping PS5 price, offsets gains for gamers

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In a recent move, Sony hiked PlayStation Plus subscription prices which will also be affecting its prices in India. The subscription service saw a significant increase in price which offsets the discounted prices of its PS5 gaming console which is now available at Rs 54,990.

The digital edition of PS5, in which players can only install games through online servers, came down to Rs 44,940, along the disc edition which is now available for Rs 47,490. However, whatever discounts the players received, the amount that they would save may go towards the annual PS Plus subscription.

There are three tiers of PS Plus – PS Plus Essential that now costs Rs 3,949, up from Rs 2,999; PS Plus Extra, now costing Rs 6,699 instead of Rs 4,999; and PS Plus Deluxe that will cost Rs 7,599, up from Rs 5,749.

Notably, people who have already subscribed to the PS Plus for a whole year will not have to pay extra charges even if they subscribed or renewed their subscription a few days before the update in pricing. However, once the subscription ends, they will be charged the new rate.

Prices for monthly and 3-month subscription plans have remained unchanged, but opting for these will only invite more expenses on the players’ side. While it cannot be denied that Sony offers some of the best gaming experiences on their console, an increase in price is not really welcomed by gamers.

Incidentally, Playstation recently launched its first-ever PlayStation exclusive store in India, marking the distribution through physical store now after years of relaying on online and third-party sellers only. The store is opened in partnership with DT Zone in New Delhi.

Gaming, nowadays, is turning into quite an expensive hobby especially in the PC and console area. This also explains why mobile gaming prevails in India with numerous people enjoying both casual and multiplayer games.