Thiruvananthapuram: Lottery department may go for QR codes on tickets

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The state lottery agency is considering the prospect of adding QR codes to its tickets. Thanks to this, customers can use their mobile devices to check the draw results on the department website quickly.

According to an officer, a number of precautions are being prepared to stop scams connected to the announcement of the results.

The officer said, “The results are live telecast on TV channels. Still, some people are either ignorant or unable to check it on TV. There are complaints that the results published by private parties on YouTube and social media pages carried mistakes. To prevent this, the department is making efforts to publish official results on these media.”

The immediate goal is to live stream the draw on an official YouTube channel. Recently completed test runs were successful. Furthermore, it is also planned to be made available via social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The department offers six bumper lotteries and seven weekly lotteries. Phase by phase, the results will be made public on new media platforms. The department also intends to take legal action against private news media that impersonates its official handles. There will be initiatives to outlaw media that publish inaccurate results.

This step might also be a measure against the recent discovery of fake Kerala lottery tickets being sold through fraudulent apps on the Google Play Store. Two apps were found posing as the official Directorate of Kerala State’s lotteries, Kerala Lottery Online and India Kerala Lottery.

The apps were discovered by AI cybersecurity researchers “CloudSEK”. The government probably plans to counter these fake ticket sellers directly and protect consumers from potentially getting scammed.

The Pooja Bumper lottery sale is going well. Up until Thursday, 35.36 lakh tickets were sold. The government anticipates selling out the 39 lakh tickets that were printed before the November 20 draw.

Starting on November 23, the Wednesday Akshaya and the Sunday 50-50 will alternate. Akshaya costs 40 for each ticket, while the 50/50 lottery costs 50. The agents had asked the department to switch the I50 ticket to a weekday. They stated that a low-cost ticket would be excellent on the day because there would be less traffic in public areas on vacation.