TMC’s Anubrata Mondal under CBI scanner after suspicious lottery win

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Trinamool Congress’s Anubrata Mondal finds himself amidst another scandal as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are looking into his suspicious Rs 1 crore lottery win in January. The political figure from West Bengal’s Birbhum is currently behind bars in a cattle-smuggling case. The CBI has summoned the shop owner who issued the lottery ticket to the disgraced leader.

Bapi Gangopadhyay, who is the owner of a shop named Ganguly Lottery that handed the TMC leader the lottery ticket, was summoned by the officials to the Nizam Palace on Wednesday (November 2). According to reports, the shop owner was quizzed about the politician’s previous transactions with the lottery shop.

Following the questioning of the lottery shop owner, the CBI are under the impression that the TMC leader used his connection to launder black money or smuggle cattle. The officials started their investigation after allegations were made against the TMC leaders for duping the public with their hard-earned money.

It is worth noting that Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Suvendu Adhikari had accused the TMC of laundering money via a lottery company last month.

“There are severe irregularities at play, and unscrupulous methods have been adopted, which needs to be thoroughly investigated. The lottery company is now hand in glove with the TMC party, and both are minting cash amounting to crores generated due to unregulated devious methods. The TMC party has found another way to loot public money; this time duping those who are buying lottery tickets.”

“The poor people of WB are being lured by the prospect of winning easy money & are becoming addicted. With easy access, they’re draining their hard-earned money on such tickets & corrupt TMC leaders are gaining at their expense,” Suvendu Adhikari had remarked last month after several TMC leaders or their relatives had claimed big lottery wins in the state of West Bengal.