Top 3 gaming monitors under Rs 10,000 during Amazon sale

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MSI PRO MP223 Gaming Monitor
MSI PRO MP223 Gaming Monitor

Probably the most affordable option for people with extreme budget, the MP223 is available just under Rs 7,000. This gaming monitor packs similar features, but betters itself without having any drawbacks. The monitor backs a 22-inch IPS panel with 1080p resolution.

It also features the aforementioned anti-flicker and blue light reduction technology. On top of that, it provides a 100Hz refresh rate compared to others with only 60Hz-75Hz.

MP223 is also a great option for people with smaller table space and artists and will hog even less space on the table mixed with our best utility upgrades. Together, these items will provide a clean gaming experience.

People can grab one or check it out here.

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