Union minister upholds PM’s vision at economic conclave, pledges support for skill gaming industry

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Union Minister Anurag Thakur, overseeing the Ministries of Sports, Youth Affairs, and Information and Broadcasting, took center stage at the India National Economic Conclave, themed “Modi’s Vision Vikshit Bharat, Challenges & Opportunities,” to shed light on critical issues within the skill gaming industry.

As reported by Times Now Digital, Thakur echoed the government’s commitment to Prime Minister Modi’s vision of propelling India into the ranks of developed nations, emphasizing ‘Viksit Bharat’ as a pivotal agenda for transformation. Encouraging active involvement from stakeholders, he emphasized the potential of the entire sports and online gaming sector to bolster India’s economy significantly.

The conclave saw a diverse array of attendees, including representatives from the online skill gaming industry. However, what grabbed headlines was Minister Thakur’s invitation to the Skillhub Online Games Federation to engage directly with him at his office. This proactive move aims to open avenues for dialogue and collaboration, fostering a more synergistic approach to tackle regulatory hurdles and devise effective remedies.

Underlining India’s journey under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, Thakur celebrated the nation’s transition from a period damaged by scams and economic stagnation to emerging as a global player. He confirmed the government’s unwavering stance on transparency, good governance, and economic prosperity, reflecting on the advancements witnessed over the past decade.

In response to concerns raised by the online skill gaming industry, Minister Thakur reaffirmed the government’s readiness to engage constructively and fashion a regulatory framework conducive to industry needs. Stressing the importance of ethical conduct and responsible gaming practices, he pledged to ensure a playing field for all stakeholders.