Uttarakhand: Police initiate strict measures to prevent illegal money from going to Nepal casinos

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SP Champawat Devendra Pincha recently instructed all the district’s police station heads and outpost in-charges to conduct thorough checks in their respective police station areas to prevent the smuggling of illegal goods, such as drugs, and cash for the numerous casinos run in Mahendranagar (Nepal).

While following an intensive check on the Nepal border, the police recovered Rs 50,000 in cash from Madhav Ram, a resident of Mohalla Filkhana. The checks are done in order to prevent people from smuggling money and drugs, which are then used in illegal gambling dens.

The police are yet to receive a satisfactory answer from Madhav regarding the money seized from him, nor did he provide any valid paperwork. The money has been handed over to the customs office in Banbasa as per the rules.

According to SP Pincha, a person can only carry up to Rs 25,000 in cash on the Indo-Nepal International Border. He also said that families had had several complaints about losing money on gambling.

Pincha explained that people from these families travel to Nepal to gamble and lose money; some of them even have lost vehicles like bikes from their homes for gambling. They take their personal vehicles across the border and lose them while gambling.

After hearing the Pincha decided to put a stop to it and since then have ordered an intensive check on all police outposts to prevent illegal movement of money for gambling.

This move of people crossing the border can be explained by the recent crackdown on several gambling dens across the country by the police. There have been lots of raids and campaigns in recent months by different states to punish gamblers.