War Mania CEO provides major update on the return of BGMI

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Hrishav Bhattacharjee, the founder and CEO of War Mania, has revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is expected to return in mid-October or early November. He stated that the Indian Government held several private meetings with Krafton lately and has resolved the issue regarding data privacy.

BGMI remains one of the most popular mobile games in India despite getting banned by the Government on July 28. BGMI succeeded PUBG last year and carried out its legacy with the same popularity among Indian fans and professional players. Both PUBG and BGMI have played a crucial role in the significant growth of Esports in India. But the recent ban has affected the Esports environment in India, and fans are demanding the return of their favourite game.

BGMI will be back, that is for sure: Hrishav Bhattacharjee

Krafton has yet to provide any official statement on any development regarding the BGMI, but it has been reported that the company is regularly in contact with the officials to remove the ban. Bhattacharjee took his Instagram page to provide a big update on the recent development regarding BGMI’s return.

“So, after several private meetings between the government and Krafton, the main issue, that is, data privacy, has been solved, but some internal issues are going on, and for that reason, the delay is happening! We can expect a comeback in mid of October or else starting of November, but guys, it will be back, that is for sure,” Bhattacharjee posted on Instagram.

Many fans are expecting big changes to the game’s potential return, mostly a change in its name and some graphics regarding the logo. But Bhattacharjee stated that there will be no change in the name, but fans can witness new updates regarding Royale Pass and in-game updates.