We will keep asking questions regarding online gaming unless Central Govt responds: TR Baalu

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Member of Parliament of the DMK Committee and former Cabinet Minister, Thalikkottai Rajuthevar Baalu, was interviewed at the Anna-Kalaignar University in Delhi on March 13 regarding the Governor sending back the bill after 142 days.

Baalu said the Ordinance was approved based on a report on online gaming from an expert group led by retired Judge K. Chandru. Yet the Governor sent it back after 142 days, which is improper practice.

He further said that it is incorrect for the governor to assert that the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly lacks the authority and legitimacy to pass the Online Gaming Ban Act. The attention resolution notification was issued to demonstrate that the Central Government was unaware of the Governor’s activity, according to Dailythanthi.

“Gambling-related deaths have crossed 40, the party called for a discussion in Parliament over the Governor’s rejection of a law passed by an accountable government to address the people’s concerns. The Defense Minister was given the floor first by the Speaker. He then permitted the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, but the opposition parties were not given a chance,” Baalu said.

“Consequently, we declared that the Speaker’s behavior was inappropriate and left the room. Unless the central government responds, we will keep asking it questions about internet gaming,” he added.

He then demanded that the Central Government remove the Governor, claiming that he did not know the constitution.