WinZO to invest Rs 400 crore in gaming ecosystem as part of Game Developer Fund

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Online gaming platform WinZO announced on Monday, March 20, that the company will be investing more than Rs 400 crore in its upcoming Game Developer Fund. The company has over 100 games on their app and will host the fourth edition of the Game Developer Fund.

The company, in a statement, said that the funds will be invested in content creation, live-ops, security and different genre of games. The company also plans on investing at least INR 80 crore in U.S. based startups, according to bqprime.

WinZO has investments in several firms, including the Web3 gaming company Upskillz and gaming community startup IndiGG, the UK-based Village Studio and India-based Bombay Play gaming studios and Glip.

“While the revenues of the mobile gaming industry in the U.S. declined in the first quarter of 2022, India’s gaming industry is growing at a 38% CAGR to cross $10 billion in five years,” the company said statement.

Co-founder of WinZO, Paavan Nanda, said, “Global gaming companies have found it difficult to earn revenues in India. The monetization issue game developers and studios face can be attributed to replicating conventional game monetisation models in India despite the wide economic and cultural gaps.”

“WinZO’s unique monetisation model and proprietary formats are powered by micro-transactions that range from Rs 1-10. This is much favoured by the Indian audience,” he added.

WinZO is already known for aiding the development of startups in the gaming sector. Recently, it also introduced a software development kit (SDK) to help developers generate revenue without spending on infrastructure or marketing.

With the SDK, the developers will have real-time analytics and game-level data. To join, the developers must register with the WinZO Game Developer Console and submit their game for review.