Delhi: HC asks Google to consider softer warning for WinZO app downloads

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On Friday, Justices Manmohan and Saurabh Banerjee of the Delhi High Court division bench asked the Google attorney to consider issuing a lighter warning for downloading the WinZO app from the website by April 26.

The bench said, “Are you sure it is a case of malware? You can say it is unverified. Harm may be a harsh word”. When faced with unverified complaints concerning an application, the high court questioned Google’s ability to claim that it was harmful. “Can you say it is harmful? You can say it is unverified and download it at your own risk,” it said.

According to the US-based tech company, other browsers also show this warning when users download other third-party APK format files or programs to shield users from potential viruses. As a result, the same is considered an industry standard.

“WinZO cannot dictate what policies Google can run… display warnings is not specific to India, but is followed across the globe,” the counsel said, according to Economic Times.

Winzo disagreed with Google’s statement, claiming that Google had not checked to see if their program included malware. According to Winzo, 42% of consumers choose not to download their app due to Google’s cautionary notice.

Winzo Games counsel said, “If Google says it is not available in Play Store, then it is okay to put out a disclaimer. But to say that it will harm your device, the application has a negative connotation that this is malware.”

Previously, the company challenged the order of a single judge, Justice Amit Bansal, who noted that the warning does not prohibit users from downloading the WinZO app and can still choose to continue downloading.

The judge ruled, “On a prima facie view, this appears to be the industry practice”. “Google and other browsers are required to put in place such warnings to guard the user against potential threats,” he further added.